Top 10 States for Home Inspectors Right Now In 2019

- The low cost of living combined with the wide array of cultural opportunities make Minnesota a hotbed for real estate activity. Paul have climbed the charts of most livable metropolitan areas – and for good reason. . Minnesota – In recent years, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St ..More

  • Roof Inspectors Amarillo, TX
  • Property Inspection Columbus, GA
Why Don’t Home Inspectors Mention Code?

-   Does the lack of an AFCI breaker in a home built before this requirement constitute an unsafe condition?   In other words, should a home inspector bring up this topic for homes built before this requirement, and recommend having AFCIs installed?  What about new construction homes?  If a home inspector doesn’t answer ‘yes’ to the last two questions or ‘no’ to the last two questions, they’re basing their answer on ‘code’, not ‘unsafe conditions’.   AFCIs help to prevent fires.   As home inspectors we often call these issues ‘construction defects’, but why not call a spade a spade?  It’s a code violation. . It’s always a judgement call Since 2003, the National Electric Code has required arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) for bedroom circuits ..More

  • Hvac Inspection Oxnard, CA
  • Termite Inspector Fontana, CA
Septic Systems and How They Work

- If you’re unsure as to whether a house is connected to a public sewer line or served by a septic system, here are a few indicators:. ..More

  • Roof Inspection Knoxville, TN
  • 101 Point Home Inspection Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Importance of Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida  

- Homes that have wind mitigation elements installed are less risky to insure than those without such features. . Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to protecting a property you’ve invested real money into!. To encourage homeowners to be proactive about storm damage, many insurance companies offer significant discounts to those with a recent wind mitigation report. The savings far outweigh the cost of the report, making it a no-brainer for new and existing homeowners to order ..More

  • Air Quality Inspectors Salt Lake City, UT
  • Septic Inspection Newport News, VA
What to Do On a Second Inspection

- When a prospective buyer knows that the inspector has previously checked a property, the buyer—or the buyer’s agent—might request to see a copy of the previous report rather than arrange and pay for a new inspection. . Offering a discount would be inappropriate, since the scope of the work will be the same as if there hadn’t been an earlier inspection. To do so would be an ethical violation on the part of the inspector and should definitely be avoided, particular if the buyer offers to pay for the report off the books. Regardless of whether a second inspection is a follow-up to examine a repair or a full report for a new buyer, the inspector should take on the assignment just as if he or she had never seen the home. Instead, the inspector should propose conducting a new inspection at his or her standard rate ..More

  • Sewer Inspection Cost Huntsville, AL
  • Home Inspection Services Tempe, AZ
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