A Common Problem With Roof Caps For Bath Fans

-  In this particular photo, the sealant strip was so badly stuck to the damper that when I pried that damper open, the sealant strip detached from the bottom and actually stayed attached to the damper. The photo below shows a close-up view of a roof cap – if you click on the photo, you can see a blow-up. ..More

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Why Don’t Home Inspectors Mention Code?

-   The ASHI Standards of Practice states that Inspectors are required to report on Unsafe conditions, which is defined as a condition that is judged to be a significant risk to bodily injury during normal, day-to-day use; the risk may be due to damage, deterioration, improper installation, or a change in accepted residential construction standards. Where ‘code’ plays a role in home inspections Home inspections are conducted to educate the client – usually a home buyer. ..More

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Top 10 States for Home Inspectors Right Now In 2019

- S. Thanks to Inspection Certification Associates, it’s also never been easier. U. News and World Report predicts a potentially volatile market for those selling their homes in the 2020s. . The growth rate of a real estate market is highly dependent upon on where you live, but generally speaking, there’s never been a better time to pursue your home inspector license. With markets strong for now, homeowners are eager to get their houses sold. It’s good news for home inspectors hoping to build their business in 2019 ..More

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The Most Common Repair for Boilers in Minneapolis

- . In Minnesota, the minimum type of backflow prevention device required for a boiler in a one or two-family home is a Double Check Valve with an Intermediate Atmospheric Vent (DCVIAV).  These are often referred to as “9D Valves” because Watts makes one of these valves, and their part number is 9D.  You know you have the market cornered when everyone calls the product by your part number, right? ..More

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Who Inspected Your Roof?

- . If you have your roof covering replaced, make sure someone leaves a ladder for the inspector.  At least this way you’ll have a chance of someone getting on your roof to inspect it ..More

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