Cities Worth Moving For: The Bay Area’s Not-So-Hidden Gems

- As you ponder where you might like to relocate for your career, give these towns serious consideration:. ..More

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New High Efficiency Furnace, New Moisture Problem

-  Is this starting to make sense?. Combustion air and dilution air get replaced with cold, dry outside air.  This is part of the reason that older houses get so dry in the winter. ..More

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The Buyer Should Be There

-  On the other hand, a disconnected furnace vent in the attic is a serious defect that could cause a ridiculous amount of damage over a period of just one heating season.  Without discussing these items or seeing them firsthand, it’s difficult for buyers to prioritize these repairs. When my clients attend the inspection, we talk about the importance of repairs.  Some problems have little impact on the home as a whole, such as a rotted storm door or a deteriorated driveway. ..More

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A Common Problem With Roof Caps For Bath Fans

-   Now the sealant strips are made of polyester, and they don’t get stuck any more.   If you own a house with older roof caps, you can order a replacement damper and sealant strip from Broan by calling 800-558-1711, part # 97017696.   Click here for damper replacement instructions – they’re listed under the Maintenance section. When I find this defect, I usually take my awl and pry the damper open, which allows the damper to open and close freely again… until the next hot day.   Broan received so many complaints about these dampers getting stuck that they finally changed the material that was used for the sealant strip in 2006. ..More

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Can GI Bill or VA Benefits Pay for a Home Inspection Course?

- . There are no time limits on the training and certification program, so you’ll work at your own pace. While your peers may have several years of classes, tests and internships ahead of them before they begin their dream job, your career can begin as soon as you’d like. Because of this flexibility, the path to becoming a professional home inspector might not be as long or winding as you might expect ..More

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