Which Career Backgrounds Make the Best Home Inspectors?

- A home inspector’s job is to evaluate the soundness and safety of a house before it’s purchased or while it’s being built or remodeled. . To be competent at their jobs, inspectors need to understand the basics of foundations, structures and a home’s plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems ..More

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Septic Systems and How They Work

- Home inspectors who work in rural areas often inspect houses that aren’t connected to municipal sewer lines; rather, the houses use septic systems. ..More

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The Buyer Should Be There

- When my clients attend the inspection, we talk about the importance of repairs. .  On the other hand, a disconnected furnace vent in the attic is a serious defect that could cause a ridiculous amount of damage over a period of just one heating season.  Some problems have little impact on the home as a whole, such as a rotted storm door or a deteriorated driveway.  Without discussing these items or seeing them firsthand, it’s difficult for buyers to prioritize these repairs ..More

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Why Don’t Home Inspectors Mention Code?

- .   AFCIs help to prevent fires. It’s always a judgement call Since 2003, the National Electric Code has required arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) for bedroom circuits.   As home inspectors we often call these issues ‘construction defects’, but why not call a spade a spade?  It’s a code violation.   Does the lack of an AFCI breaker in a home built before this requirement constitute an unsafe condition?   In other words, should a home inspector bring up this topic for homes built before this requirement, and recommend having AFCIs installed?  What about new construction homes?  If a home inspector doesn’t answer ‘yes’ to the last two questions or ‘no’ to the last two questions, they’re basing their answer on ‘code’, not ‘unsafe conditions’ ..More

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PEX Is Better Than Sliced Bread

- .  The methods for installing PEX tubing vary between manufacturers, and anyone installing PEX tubing is supposed to be certified by the manufacturer. If you decide to use PEX for your next plumbing project, plan to spend a little time getting trained on how to install it.   The manufacturers of PEX tubing give free certification classes on a regular basis.  To get certified, check with the retailer you’re buying the PEX from ..More

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