PEX Is Better Than Sliced Bread

- Ease of installation My favorite feature of PEX tubing is its ease of installation.   I’ve soldered plenty of copper tubing, and it’s a time-consuming, pain-in-the-butt process.   Every length of tubing needs to be perfectly measured, cut, reamed, fluxed, and soldered.   I get flux all over myself, I usually end up burning myself on a piece of copper that I forgot was hot, and much care needs to be taken to make sure the torch doesn’t burn other materials in the home. ..More

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What Do You Wish You Knew Before Buying Your First Home?

- Believe it or not, home inspections aren’t required for real estate sales in some states. While it’s hard to believe anyone would want to make such a large investment without first having the property inspected, it’s considered optional in many places. Regardless of what your local laws say about home inspections, it’s worth finding an experienced professional with their home inspection certification to take a look. Not only can home inspectors help you spot areas for concern, but they can also educate you on the systems installed in the home and forecast replacement and maintenance expectations for the future. ..More

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Where To Look For Gas Leaks

- I’ve heard stories about appliance connectors leaking, but I’ve never found one that leaked. Next week I’ll talk about defects with appliance connector installations. ..More

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A Common Problem With Roof Caps For Bath Fans

- The photo below shows a close-up view of a roof cap – if you click on the photo, you can see a blow-up.  In this particular photo, the sealant strip was so badly stuck to the damper that when I pried that damper open, the sealant strip detached from the bottom and actually stayed attached to the damper. ..More

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Can GI Bill or VA Benefits Pay for a Home Inspection Course?

- Inspection Certification Associates is proud to offer a discount to any veterans and current military servicemembers hoping to pursue a home inspector certification. When compared to the amount of red tape your peers pursuing an undergraduate degree face, this process is a breeze. No additional steps or documentation are required to receive our military discount. While the discount may not be as all-encompassing as the GI bill, there are no hoops to jump through to take advantage of this benefit. ..More

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