A Missing Jumper Wire At The Water Meter

-  In Saint Paul, this item would also be written up as a hazard on a Truth-In-Sale of Housing evaluation. One of the most common electrical defects that I find while doing Truth-In-Sale of Housing evalutions in Minneapolis is a missing jumper wire at the water meter.  This is a required repair item, and I often find the repair done improperly, so I’m writing this post to help anyone that has to fix this item. ..More

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Is Radon Testing Typically a Part of the Home Inspection Process in Florida?

- For these reasons, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Surgeon General and American Lung Association all recommend having properties inspected for radon before they’re purchased. The risks of lung cancer are especially high for smokers living in homes with radon present. Though naturally occurring, the impact radon has on humans cannot be underestimated. . Studies have also shown that children are especially susceptible to the dangers of radon. Because there are no immediate symptoms to alert you of the presence of radon, a person can be exposed to the gas for years before problems surface. Their rapidly dividing cells and higher rate of respiration leads to more radiation damage from radon ..More

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Break The Attic ‘Seal’? Yes, Every Time.

-   The panel does not get attached to anything; it just gets set down on the opening. If it’s required, why is the panel sealed?  In a new home, the panel only gets incidentally ‘sealed’. . When the ceiling finish is applied, which is often spray texture, the seam between the panel and the rest of the ceiling gets covered over. ’  There is very rarely any caulking or adhesive keeping this panel in place.   This is what people are referring to when they say the access has been ‘sealed ..More

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The Buyer Should Be There

-  Whenever possible. The question I get from home buyers that always makes me chuckle: “Can I be there for part of the inspection?” I want the buyer there for the whole thing. .   It allows me to focus on their particular concerns, it lets me tailor the report to their needs, and it helps them to understand everything a little better ..More

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Where To Look For Gas Leaks

-  Older style gas valves that aren’t allowed any more today are often referred to as lube valves or plug valves. The most common place for me to find gas leaks is at gas valves. .  If you have a Truth-in-Housing Evaluation performed in Minneapolis and the evaluator marks down “old gas valves” or “unapproved gas valves”, this is what they’re referring to ..More

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