New High Efficiency Furnace, New Moisture Problem

- .  Shortly after replacing his old mid-efficiency natural draft furnace with a high-efficiency furnace, Nelly started noticing a host of moisture problems with his house. Nelly has lived in the same split entry house since it was built in 1980, and has never had any moisture problems with his home until recently.  It started with condensation on the windows that never used to be there.  Next thing he knew, water spots showed up on the ceiling around the skylights, which were the result of excessive condensation in the attic ..More

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The Most Common Repair for Boilers in Minneapolis

- .  Even if both of the internal check valves were to become fouled and stuck in an open position, the vent would still prevent any water that was subject to backpressure from potentially contaminating the potable water supply – this water would just leak out of the vent. These valves are special because they’re almost 100% fail-safe ..More

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A Missing Jumper Wire At The Water Meter

- . Bonding jumpers shall be of copper or other corrosion-resistant material, have approved clamping devices and be of the correct wire gauge for the service installed. A) There must always be a jumper wire installed around the water meter. If this jumper wire is not present or is not properly connected on either side of the water meter, (or only the street side, when the water pipes are Pex or similar materials) or is not installed with approved materials, mark as RRE. Be specific on what work is needed ..More

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How To Correct Double Tapped Circuit Breakers

-  It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple doorbell transformer wire that’s added on to the circuit breaker – the issue isn’t about the load imposed on the circuit, it’s about the physical connection. . When it IS a defect: This is a defect when the circuit breaker isn’t designed for two conductors; most aren’t ..More

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Joist Hanger Installation Defects

-  You can see that the smaller nail isn’t long enough to even begin to penetrate the ledgerboard.  Click the photo for a blowup. . Now here’s what the nails would look like if driven in to the floor joist ..More

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