HRVs, Part 3 of 3: Installation Defects

- Today I’ll discuss installation defects. If more air comes in than what goes out, you’ll have a pressurized house, which causes excessive air leakage out of the house at the upper floors. The most common defect I find with HRVs is that they were never balanced.  Neither of these conditions are good for the home. For the last two weeks I’ve blogged about HRVs. . In part one, I covered what HRVs are for and how they operate. For part two, I covered HRV maintenance and operation.  When more air goes out, the house becomes depressurized, which causes a host of problems with houses, including problems with fuel-burning appliances. When most HRVs are installed, a technician needs to balance the system to make sure the air getting exhausted is equal to the air coming in ..More

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How Much Do Home Inspectors Earn?

- If being your own boss, setting your own schedule and providing a much-needed service sound good to you, becoming a certified home inspector can be an excellent choice for a challenging and rewarding career. . There are also opportunities for certified home inspectors to work for established home inspection businesses, state and local building departments and other governmental agencies or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ..More

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Home Buying this Summer

- While seasonal amenities like pools and hot tubs might grab your attention initially, it’s important not to overlook aspects of the home that could cause problems later in the year. . Only then will serious problems associated with the chimney come to light. Home buyers and inspectors alike should consider all four seasons when looking at houses in the summer. Buyers may not even consider the condition of the fireplace until it comes time to light their first fire of the winter season. A chimney, for example, might collect dust over the summer ..More

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Joist Hanger Installation Defects

-  They usually have a big “10” stamped on them. . To identify these “Joist Hanger Nails”, you can usually just look at the head of the nail.  If the nail doesn’t have a “10” stamped on the head, it may or may not be correct; the only way to know is to pull one out.  Standard 10d nails don’t have this ..More

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A Missing Jumper Wire At The Water Meter

-  Part of the reason that the water distribution piping in the home gets bonded is to make sure the pipes can’t accidentally become energized. . A jumper wire is used to electrically bond the water distribution pipes throughout the house.  In other words, it protects against electric shocks.  If an ungrounded (aka – hot) conductor came in contact with a properly bonded water pipe, the current would have such a good path back to the main panel that it would overload the circuit breaker and the breaker would quickly trip ..More

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