Christmas Lights – What Would It Take To Start A Fire?

- .  They’re hideously expensive, but they use 80% – 90% less power. What if 3,600 lights isn’t enough? Of course, a lot of people ask me this, and I always tell them to buy LED lights ..More

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Home Buying this Summer

- . If you’re eager to put your home inspection training to work this summer, use these tips to help clients make the most of their home buying experience: ..More

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PEX Is Better Than Sliced Bread

-   Because PEX is so flexible, it is also freeze-break resistant. .   With PEX, there are far fewer fittings needed because the material is so flexible.   In the last several years I’ve seen a ridiculous amout of burst copper tubing from freeze damage, but I’ve never seen freeze damaged PEX tubing.  PEX is also highly resistant to chemical damage. Less prone to failure Most failures with water supply pipes happens at the fittings, not in the piping itself ..More

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The Buyer Should Be There

-  This eliminates some  ‘down time’ for my client. .  I try to give myself a quick tour of the house and inspect the roof before my clients show up.  After that, we talk about any particular concerns they have with the house, and I try to get a sense of what’s important to them… the stuff they might not know to tell me.  Some clients are very concerned that the house is safe for children, some are concerned with security,  others are planning a big remodel and don’t care if the windows in the back of the house are rotted. I encourage my clients to attend the entire inspection so we can go through everything together ..More

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Where To Look For Gas Leaks

-  Older style gas valves that aren’t allowed any more today are often referred to as lube valves or plug valves.  If you have a Truth-in-Housing Evaluation performed in Minneapolis and the evaluator marks down “old gas valves” or “unapproved gas valves”, this is what they’re referring to. . The most common place for me to find gas leaks is at gas valves ..More

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