A Common Problem With Roof Caps For Bath Fans

- . As I turn the fans on in the home, I make a mental note of how many fans I’ve turned on, and I account for each exhaust while inspecting the exterior.   I’ve caught a ridiculous amount of bathroom exhaust fans there were vented in to attics or finished floor / ceiling spaces by doing this.   This is also a way for me to check to see that the fans are actually exhausting air, not just making a lot of noise ..More

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How To Correct Double Tapped Circuit Breakers

- . When none of the above solutions are possible, the repair might involve replacement of the panel with a larger one, or the addition of a subpanel.  This would obviously get much more expensive ..More

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Do You Need a High School Diploma or GED to Become a Home Inspector?

- Of course, the educational requirements of home inspectors varies from place to place. Home inspectors do not necessarily need a GED or a high school diploma to launch their careers. Check your home state’s home inspector requirements to determine whether or not you need a GED to pursue a job in the field. Many states, including California and Michigan, do not require home inspectors to hold a degree. In those states, you can take a class and become certified in a matter of weeks. ..More

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PEX Is Better Than Sliced Bread

-   You can also install shutoff valves for every single line, so isolating a fixture can be done with ease. Better water flow Instead of running large branch lines through the house and tapping off the branch lines with smaller lines to feed bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms, PEX can be configured in what’s referred to as a ‘Home Run’.   This is done by installing a large manifold in the basement near where the water comes in to the house, and then running a separate water supply tube to every single plumbing fixture.  This means that you’ll have much less of a pressure drop when you’re running more than one fixture at the same time, and you’ll get hot water to your fixtures faster. ..More

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Home Buying this Summer

- Home buyers frequently celebrate their offer being accepted by the seller, and for good reason: nailing down the financing of the home is indeed something worthy of celebration. Still, home buyers aren’t out of the woods quite yet – an inspection can often reveal that their dream home isn’t actually worth what they intend to pay. Home inspectors see this happen all too often, which is why it helps to educate buyers on the myth of the accepted offer. ..More

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