Break The Attic ‘Seal’? Yes, Every Time.

-   A large portion of the problems I find in new construction homes occur in the attic.   Well, by that logic, new homes wouldn’t need to be inspected at all. The biggest sources of contention come from parties attending the inspection that are under the impression that attic spaces in new homes don’t need to be inspected.  Just for fun, here’s a photo I took at a 2004 built Minneapolis townhouse – yes, this attic was completely uninsulated. .  Don’t listen to anyone that tells you new attics don’t need to be inspected, or that attic access panels shouldn’t be opened.  They’re not looking out for your best interest, or they’ve been misinformed ..More

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Can GI Bill or VA Benefits Pay for a Home Inspection Course?

- Regardless of your current lifestyle, training from Inspection Certification Associates can fit in easily. If part-time learning on your own schedule appeals to you, this course is a good option. This kind of training allows students to continue working their current jobs rather than quit and give their entire focus over to education. On average, students complete the course within three to four weeks. . Others opt to do a deep dive, quickly completing the material in less than two weeks ..More

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What Do You Wish You Knew Before Buying Your First Home?

- Regardless of what your local laws say about home inspections, it’s worth finding an experienced professional with their home inspection certification to take a look. While it’s hard to believe anyone would want to make such a large investment without first having the property inspected, it’s considered optional in many places. Believe it or not, home inspections aren’t required for real estate sales in some states. Not only can home inspectors help you spot areas for concern, but they can also educate you on the systems installed in the home and forecast replacement and maintenance expectations for the future. ..More

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Boilers Vs. Furnaces

-   Boilers are also much easier to conrol by zone – most forced air systems don’t have zone controls, and the ones that do typically don’t have more that two zones.    Because boilers don’t blow air (and dust, and alergens…) all over the house, you’ll have less alergens in the air, you’ll never need to hire someone to clean your ducts, and you won’t need to worry about your two-year-old putting Cherios in the vents. A couple other advantages worth noting are cleanliness and zone control.   I’ve never seen more than three. ..More

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Is Radon Testing Typically a Part of the Home Inspection Process in Florida?

- . Don’t miss out on potential earnings: get certified to conduct radon testing as soon as possible. Next to termite inspections, radon inspections are some of the most frequently requested home inspection services. Radon training courses will prepare you to conduct measurements, install radon mitigation systems and pass the certification exam ..More

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